Really Important Questions

The work environment today continues to be uncertain, ever-changing and can (if not prepared) knock the most confident individual “off their horse”.

I am currently working in one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the world – a literal case study at Harvard Business School – and yet despite the world of potential, I am taken aback by the growing uncertainty in really smart, experienced leaders. Not uncertain of the company’s future, but of the growing question of “why bother”? The work, while exhilarating and challenging, is becoming frustrating and unmanageable at the same time as the organization struggles with the need to structure and manage its growth versus being pushed forward by pure intention alone.

Leaders need to ask themselves some really important questions as their respective organizations go through major change, especially if the pressure of change is “on them.”

If you’re currently experiencing this dynamic, consider these questions:

  • “Does what I do count?”
  • “Does what I do make a difference to anybody?”
  • “Why should I come here?”
  • “Can I be somebody here?”
  • “Is there for me any rhyme or reason here?”
  • “Can I “own” this place?”
  • “Do I have any rights?”
  • “Does coming here add any richness to my life?”
  • “Is this a place where I can learn something?”
  • “Is there anyone here I can trust?”
  • “Is this place open to my influence?”

Lots of questions… really important questions. But all of them get to the same thing… “What’s my purpose… and am I, by virtue of being here… on purpose?”