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Our Approach

We believe solutions already reside in your organizations. Our job is to help you discover, own and execute them. Our approach is simple, straightforward and impactful.

We Listen

We Listen

Every company, its culture, its leadership, and the environment that surrounds it, is unique and dynamic. Our job is to first hear and understand your view; the challenges you and your organization face, your vision for success and most importantly, what is at stake.

We Listen
We Design

We Design

We understand how to challenge ways of thinking, behaving and leading. We design interventions to deliver rapid change, assimilation and ultimately execution, through the realignment of your people's attention and intention.

We Assess

We Assess

You can't change what you can't measure. Our assessment methodology is tailored to understand the current state of your organization, in the context of your vision for change and the obstacles that currently prevent you from moving forward.

We Assess
We Move

We Move

So what...now what?? Ensuring successful execution is our core responsibility. We act as facilitators and coaches. We work closely with your leaders to own the plan forward and lead with confidence.

Consulting Services


Change Leadership Consulting

Change happens (mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, leadership changes, new strategic priorities, etc.) How you respond and how quickly you respond will determine whether you will ultimately win or lose. Our role is to be a catalyst for rapid change, by building the competence and capabilities of your leaders so they know how to realign the attention and intention of your workforce. Stratton Consulting brings a proven methodology that guides leaders as THEY lead their people through change. This approach provides a realistic view to the key phases and specific leadership actions required to lead an organization through major change.

Phase I

  • Determining the Primary Driver of Change
  • Establishing Awareness of the Need for Change
  • Creating a Vision for the Change
  • Framing the Transition

Phase III

  • Making it Easy to Adapt to the Change
  • Promoting the Positive Impact of the Change
  • Aligning the Change with Systems, Structure and Practices
Talent Management Consulting

Talent Management Consulting

The landmark study, Overcoming Stall Points, conducted by The Corporate Strategy Board concludes that 88% of the contributing factors to significant growth stalls in companies were under the control of the management team. And the third most prevalent factor contributing to growth stalls is Talent Bench shortfall. Positioning the right people for the right jobs at the right time is both an art and a science.

Leadership Team Interventions

Design, development and delivery of leadership team development programs is a core capability of our firm. Stratton Consulting's training programs and executive coaching relationships are highly experiential. We spend little time on concepts and models; instead, we concentrate most of our work on feedback and perception. Taking teams off-site continues to serve as a great opportunity to inform, galvanize and plan for future business challenges. Unfortunately, that opportunity is often lost due to poor planning, ineffective facilitation and sloppy follow-through. Stratton Consulting has developed a highly productive approach to designing, facilitating and supporting off-site events to ensure that business goals are accomplished and that high performance teams are developed. In fact, many of our clients today utilize off-site meetings as a core element for either improving management practices or management teams. High Performance Leadership Teams are the result of smartly designed practice.

Executive Coaching

Executive one-on-one coaching is a core competence of Stratton Consulting. And it starts with a realistic understanding of how people perceive your effectiveness as a leader. Our 360 feedback tools are custom-designed for every client. We believe that determining the most effective capabilities and behaviors needs to be informed by the strategy of the business, not from a library of off-the-shelf definitions. Our experience tells us a 360 process provides the highest value when participants realize that the evaluation is based on timely, relevant attributes and required capabilities for the present and the future state of the business. Furthermore, development goals must be focused on a few highly important areas for improvement. Timely feedback. Relevant development plans. Strategically competent leaders.

Succession Planning

Stratton Consulting has developed a comprehensive process based on the understanding that talent management and succession must be hardwired to an organization's strategy, not organizational charts. We take the time to understand the implications of the strategy on people, develop job profiles for the future, design risk assessments on people and positions, conduct 360 evaluations of the current leadership, and provide a gap analysis discerning issues specific to the current status and future requirements for success. Executives walk away from the process with their own development plans, team succession maps, risk analysis of their key talent, and a plan to address all potential vulnerabilities through internal development or external recruitment.

Actionable Conversations

Actionable ConversationsWe believe embedding desired behavioral changes requires a powerful combination of leader-led authentic conversations, technology and insight-driven data. Actionable Conversations is a breakthrough learning and development platform that provides the foundational requirements for true employee engagement; specifically improved relationships with an employee’s manager and their peers. Because key business metrics are impacted by employee engagement, these highly collaborative conversations, conducted in the workplace by leaders with their teams, allows you to truly embed the desired behavioral changes.

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