Really Important Questions

The work environment today continues to be uncertain, ever-changing and can (if not prepared) knock the most confident individual “off their horse”. I am currently working in one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the world – a literal case study at Harvard Business School – and yet despite the world of potential, I [Read More…]

If You Want To Change Your Culture, Start With Shaking It To Its Core!

A recently appointed CEO found himself overwhelmingly concerned about the condition of his service company, as it contained employees who didn’t get service. Almost immediately upon taking over, the CEO did the unthinkable: he told the unvarnished truth. In addition to citing the lack of consistent leadership, he said: “We have a culture that’s lost [Read More…]

Brutal Honesty

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” (Thomas Paine, American colonist, patriot, and revolutionary)

 As a leader, the quality of the information available to you in any process directly impacts the quality of the outcomes you can achieve.

 So the more eyes and minds that deliver information that is more candid and brutally honest, [Read More…]