Change Leadership Program

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Why Transformational Change Efforts Fail

Change happens (mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, leadership changes, new strategic priorities, etc.) How you respond and how quickly you respond will determine whether you will ultimately win or lose. Implementing significant change in an organization is often unsuccessful for three reasons:
  • Failure to make a compelling case for the change.
  • Failure to engage people in determining the transition implications.
  • Failure to distribute ownership for the change deep into the organization
By intelligently balancing your management and leadership skills, you can actively influence the trajectory and impact of change in your organization. Our approach combines the results of a proven assessment with a dynamic intervention. Together, they diffuse resistance and ignite momentum.

You Can't Change What You Can't Measure

Our Change Leadership Model provides a clear, realistic view of the key phases and leadership actions required to lead change. This is a tool that can inform and guide you as a leader, and support your people, to define and implement meaningful, intentional and positive change. Three major phases, defined through 10 key leadership actions, will give you in-depth knowledge of how to plan for and successfully implement your change.

Phase I

  • Determining the Primary Driver of Change
  • Establishing Awareness of the Need for Change
  • Creating a Vision for the Change
  • Framing the Transition

Phase III

  • Making it Easy to Adapt to the Change
  • Promoting the Positive Impact of the Change
  • Aligning the Change with Systems, Structure and Practices

Change Leadership Program Components

Change Leadership Assessment Survey

Stratton Consulting’s Change Leadership Assessment provides a clear, realistic view of the state of change in your organization: what is working, what is not working and what specific phases/actions you need to focus on to lead your organization successfully through major change. Our Assessment is focused, concise and easy to use. Once your data is compiled, you will receive a detailed report indicating your organization’s readiness for the change, the engagement level of employees, and the capacity of your current structures, systems and processes to reinforce the change. The assessment will provide a roadmap for focusing your efforts to enable you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Change Leadership Workshop

This 2 day leadership development program focuses on the following:
  1. Understanding the human dynamic • Resistance to Change: 3 fundamental Questions • Predictable Human Responses • Understanding Transitions and the Leader’s Role
  2. Change Management vs Change Leadership
  3. The Change Leadership Model • 3 Phases • 10 Leadership Actions • Knowing what and how to communicate to the right people at the right time.
  4. Assessing YOUR Perceptions of Change at YOUR Company
  5. Learning Tips and Tools to Support YOUR Leadership Actions Going Forward


SCG’s consultants are available to help clarify assessment findings, identify areas of focus, and provide guidance on next steps. Our intervention includes how we will help your organization improve its transition design, provide employee engagement facilitation support, and executive leadership coaching as needed and requested.

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