Actionable Conversations

We believe embedding desired behavioral changes requires a powerful combination of leader-led authentic conversations, technology and insight-driven data. We don’t just talk about sustainable behavior change, so we have custom developed a specific follow-through program for ILS utilizing the Actionable Conversations platform. We are calling it...

Actionable ILS Conversations

Actionable ILS Conversations is a breakthrough learning and development platform that provides the foundational requirements for true employee engagement; specifically improved relationships with an employee’s manager and their peers. Because key business metrics are impacted by employee engagement, these highly collaborative conversations, conducted in the workplace by leaders with their teams, allows you to truly embed the desired behavioral changes and skills discovered in the ILS Workshop; namely adapting your leadership and communication style to meet the needs of others AND to learn how to collaborate and coordinate effectively especially under stress.

The Actionable ILS Conversation Program is designed to provide relevant and timely reinforcement of the skills and behavioral awareness introduced during the ILS Workshop. The process is simple:

Starts with Conversation

One hour, led by a team leader, reinforcing the key learnings of the ILS workshop.

Followed by Action

Personal commitments to a single behavioral change, supported through peer accountability and team leader coaching.

Concludes with Measured Insights

Measurable behavior change and team leader influence and impact on business metrics.
Actionable Conversations

Actionable ILS Conversations is a powerful follow-through reinforcement program that engages leaders and their teams. It is a groundbreaking methodology that is:

• Short in duration – about one-hour in length
• Flexible – conduct them at times that suit you
• Easy to lead – no external facilitation needed
• Actionable – outcomes linked to desired change and results

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