Who We Are

Our Belief and Promise

We believe solutions already reside in your organization. Our job is to help you discover, develop and own them. Invite us and we will interrupt business as usual. We understand how to challenge ways of thinking, behaving and leading. We are catalysts for rapid change, assimilation and ultimately execution, through the realignment of your people's attention and intention.


Our Core Values

Our values are in our DNA. It is the foundation of how we think about, behave in, and relate to all our relationships.

Being Committed
and Focused

100% of our intention, attention, expertise and knowledge show up in everything we do for our clients.

Being Open
and Truthful

We believe that openness and honesty make for the best relationships because that leads to trust and confidence. We are committed to telling and accepting the truth in every situation as we see it and understand it.


We strive for excellence in all we do and take pride in the quality of work and the speed and care with which we serve our clients.


24/7... Our goal is to be there when it matters most.

Meet the Stratton Team

Stratton Consulting has a diverse and experienced network of expert resources including educators, designers, facilitators, executive coaches and consultants. Together, with our highly skilled program management and administrative staff, our team is committed to deliver impactful, timely and relevant results.

Dennis Stratton

Dennis Stratton


Dennis Stratton is a dynamic facilitator, consultant, and executive coach with over 28 years of experience in management consulting. Dennis’ reputation precedes him; invite him to a meeting and he will interrupt business as usual. He understands how to challenge ways of thinking, behaving and leading. He understands how to design organizations for success

As President of Stratton Consulting, Dennis has built a unique perspective in defining and honing the core elements of change management technologies and their application in large systems. He has developed highly impactful methodologies for individuals, teams, and organizations struggling with complexity, yet searching for new ways to respond.

Project Managers. Educators. Designers. Facilitators. Coaches. Consultants.

Dolores Paul

Dolores Paul
VP Operations

Dolores manages the day-to-day operations of Stratton Consulting. She is responsible for all administrative, logistical and operational duties, as well as human resources, accounting, and B2B relations. Dolores assists with project management, scheduling and offsite logistics and materials.

Patricia Stratton

Patricia Stratton
ILS Administrator

Pat supervises online and live administration of the ILS and provides prompt customer service. From setting up different formats of the survey customized to client needs, to providing post-completion advice, Pat ensures that the ILS experience is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Randall Alford

Randall J. Alford
Senior Writer/Consultant

Randall has spent the last 30 years helping clients to discern and leverage their own personal and professional potential. With an extensive background in consulting, writing, and adult learning, Randall directs people's attention to the unique themes and distinctions that shape their organization's challenges and strategies for success.

Leslie Jaffe

Leslie Sholl Jaffe
Executive Coach/ Senior Consultant

Leslie has over 27 years experience as a consultant and trainer across a broad spectrum of businesses and non-profit organizations. Her expertise is in leadership development, curriculum design and facilitation, effective communication, meeting facilitation, and executive coaching.

Jose Acevedo

N. José Acevedo
Executive Coach/ Senior Consultant

José is a leadership development specialist who has spent the last 25 years focusing on executive leadership competencies, precision communication skills, as well as team and organizational development. He has developed and delivered customized programs and interventions in English and Spanish for managers in Fortune 100 companies.

Mel Christie

Melvin B. Christie
Executive Coach/ Senior Consultant

Melvin has over 25 years experience as a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia. The focus of his work is both personal and organizational transformation. He is passionate about implementing strategies that make a difference.

Karl Krumm

Karl J. Krumm
Senior Consultant

Karl has been involved in almost all aspects of organizational design for the last 25 years. He has designed and delivered high quality programs from supervisory and management training to leadership development. With his background in psychology, he works with individuals, teams, and entire organizations in the development of coaching and mentoring programs.

Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray
Senior Consultant

Lisa has 17 years of experience developing programs for educational systems, non-profit organizations and businesses. With a focus on emotional intelligence and effective communication, Lisa helps individuals understand the impact these skills have on personal and professional growth. She is a licensed Interpersonal Leadership Styles trainer and coach.

Philip Soriano

Philip Soriano
Executive Coach, Senior Consultant

Philip is a leadership coach and change management consultant based in Brooklyn, NY. He coaches start-up founders and consults corporate executives to create a ripple effect of positive change throughout their organizations. Prior to coaching and consulting, Philip co-founded Hugh & Crye, an eCommerce retailer based in Washington, DC, where he helped grow the brand to multi-million dollar revenue.

Invite us to your next meeting and we will interrupt business as usual…

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