Strategic Thinking Competency Survey

Strategic Thinking is defined as the generation and application of business insights on a continual basis in order to achieve competitive advantage. The utilization of Stratton Consulting's Strategic Thinking Competency Survey is a starting point in helping you build the strategic thinking capability at all levels of your organization, bringing competitive advantage to every aspect of your business.

Strategic Thinking Competency Survey by stratton Consulting

We define Strategic Thinking not as an event, but as a discipline of managing time, talent, and capital. The goal of a strategic thinker is to deliver insight by:

  • Reframing Issues
  • Gathering Intelligence
  • Defining the Insight
  • Determining Change Implications
  • Delivering the Idea
The Strategic Thinking Competency Survey assesses an individual's core competence and capability across these elements and provides a path to developing the skills necessary to evolve one?s strategic mind. Stratton Consulting's Strategic Thinking Workshop is designed to provide participants an understanding of the value of building strategic thinking capability in their respective teams but also provides a guide on how to improve their own strategic thinking skills. All participants are encouraged to take the Strategic Thinking Competency Survey prior to the workshop to help prepare and focus on their development areas in the workshop itself.

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