Signals Matter in Change

iPhones distributed to the salesforce. Time clock destroyed in the lobby with a bat. Moving senior leadership offices to the same floor. Moving senior leaders out of offices and onto main floor. Spending authority increased to $2000 for every client-facing employee. Sacred cows slaughtered at every turn. When employees are faced with the task of [Read More…]

3 Leadership Musts

As a leadership coach, consultant and trainer, I have the great opportunity to spend my time immersed in leadership. I think about it all the time. I notice leadership everywhere – good and bad. I engage in discussion about it – at work with clients, on social media with leadership experts, in my community and [Read More…]

Standards of Excellence: Jargon or Real?

Excellence. How should a company assess, develop and institutionalize excellence in their organization’s DNA? Too often I find myself inside a company’s walls reading placards and posters declaring one’s commitment to excellence yet in the same moment look around and find trash on the ground, employees disheveled in appearance, people complaining about their “unresponsive” colleague, [Read More…]